Construction Safety – Multi-Employer Work-Site Accidents

Construction Safety Slip & Fall Expert WitnessThere are many reasons for investigating work-related accidents that occur in and around work sites where more than one employer and/or business may be involved. These multi-employer work-site accident events occur both in construction and non-construction work sites and can lead to expert witness testimony & litigation involving multiple parties in which a working knowledge of regulatory and/or national consensus safety codes and standards is required to determine which party or parties are responsible for an unsafe condition or hazard that led to the accident. Based on the conditions and events leading to the accident, responsibility for preventing a hazard from causing an accident might reside with the employer/company for which the injured party was working, the employer/company who created the hazardous condition, the employer/company responsible for controlling that area of the work site, the employer/company responsible for correcting the hazard, the injured party, or a combination of the above.

The following photographs illustrate examples of unsafe construction practices:

Areas that have been addressed by SPA L.L.C. in the past include:

  • Safety Management
  • Codes and Industry Practice
  • Slip & Falls

  • Electrocutions
  • Concrete Mixing and Cleaning
  • Operations
  • Roofing Material Installation
  • Electrical Lock and Tagout
  • Procedures

  • Exposures to Hazardous
  • Materials/Environments

  • Mobile Crane Operations
  • Work Practices
  • Scaffolding
  • Guarding
  • Training
  • Powder Actuated Tools
  • Materials Handling
Makeshift unsafe scaffold

Makeshift unsafe scaffold

Improper use of a ladder

Improper use of a ladder