Accident Analysis of Truck Driver Struck in the Back by a Forklift

Case Description/Summary:    An independent truck driver using a pallet jack to deliver product at a warehouse was injured when he was struck by a forklift operated by an employee of the warehouse. Expert Analysis/Summary: A materials handling analysis included a site visit, review of all relevant depositions and other discovery documents, reports, photographs, etc…. Read more »

Multi-employer Worksite Safety Issues (3)

Case Description/Summary:    A truck driver was part of a two-man crew delivering a mandrel and packers on a gooseneck trailer to a natural gas well pad. A forklift operated by one of the well operators was used in the discharge process.  The plaintiff was injured when a large piece of pipe was caused to… Read more »

Deliberate Intent Accident (3)

Case Description/Summary:    A journeyman electrician was injured by a powder actuated tool at a construction job site. According to the testimony of the injured party, he was using the Hilti gun when the fire pin jammed.  The journeyman electrician was working the action back and forth when the gun fired and caused a puncture… Read more »

Deliberate Intent Accident

Case Description/Summary:   A subcontractor’s employee was assigned by the exposing employer to assist with the offloading of coal car wheel sets.  A forklift was used to discharge and move a set of wheel sets approximately 40 feet from a flatbed trailer. The injured employee was instructed by his supervisor and rough terrain forklift operator… Read more »


Case Description/Summary:   A journeyman electrician was fatally injured when he contacted a buss bar.  The electrical system was a 120/240 3 phase delta with a 240-volt high leg on the C phase. The main panel had three sub breakers for the three subpanels; A, B, and C, located in the same room. The injured… Read more »

Temporary Workers – Host Employers

Case Description/Summary:   A temporary worker employed by a staffing agency but under the supervision of a host employer was assigned to spot trash trucks dumping their trash at a landfill.  While performing the assigned task as a spotter, the temporary employee was struck and run over by a track loader that was backing up…. Read more »


Case Description/Summary:   A warehouse worker and overhead crane operator working in a warehouse was injured when he was struck by a roll of steel that he was attempting to move with an pendant-controlled crane. The employee had completed numerous crane operating courses and was experienced performing the same job on numerous occasions prior to… Read more »


Case Description/Summary:   A school janitor who entered a closet to disengage a fire alarm system fell through an unguarded floor opening.  An electrical contractor who was pulling wires under the floor failed to properly protect other individuals from the floor opening hazard. Expert Analysis/Summary: A construction and human factors engineering analysis included a review… Read more »

Injured by Pipes Falling Off of a Flatbed Trailer

Case Description/Summary:   An employee of a construction company was injured when two pieces of PVC pipe approximately 10” x 30’ rolled off a flatbed trailer, striking and pinning the employee to the ground. There was no Job Safety Analysis performed and the injured employee’s employer had not trained any of their employees in the… Read more »

Crush Accident Analysis At Natural Gas Drilling Site

Case Description/Summary:   Three workers were setting a set of steel steps next to a structure referred to as a “doghouse”, which is normally used as a tool shack for the drilling site.  Due to the time of year the ground was wet and muddy. While positioning the steel steps, two workers were walking along… Read more »