Accident Analysis of Truck Driver Struck in the Back by a Forklift

Case Description/Summary:   

An independent truck driver using a pallet jack to deliver product at a warehouse was injured when he was struck by a forklift operated by an employee of the warehouse.

Expert Analysis/Summary:

A materials handling analysis included a site visit, review of all relevant depositions and other discovery documents, reports, photographs, etc. SPA, LLC, reviewed the discovery documents and relevant research materials, codes, and standards related to safety and the responsibilities of the various employers and employees on a multi-employer work site.

It was determined through the review of discovery documents that there were improper floor markings in a tight workspace. Also, due to the speed of the forklift the forklift operator failed to appreciate the location of the truck driver when the truck driver was struck from behind with a pallet of cargo located on the forklift blades.

Results:    Case resolved in a favorable manner.

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