Crush Accident Analysis At Natural Gas Drilling Site

Case Description/Summary:  

Three workers were setting a set of steel steps next to a structure referred to as a “doghouse”, which is normally used as a tool shack for the drilling site.  Due to the time of year the ground was wet and muddy. While positioning the steel steps, two workers were walking along side of the steps while the third was operating an all-terrain forklift.  One of the workers repositioned himself from the side of the steel steps being positioned by the forklift operator to the space between the set of steel steps and the doghouse structure.  The forklift operator looked backward to reposition the forklift. When the forklift operator turned the wheel, he felt the back of the machine go down.  When he turned back around he saw that one of the employees was pinched between the steel steps and the doghouse.

Expert Analysis/Summary:

A human factors and safety analysis included a review of all relevant depositions and other discovery documents, reports, photographs, etc. SPA, inc. reviewed the discovery documents and relevant research materials, codes, and standards related to materials handling operations.

It was determined that the employer of the three workers failed to properly train their employees  in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to their work environment to control or eliminate any hazards or other exposure to illness or injury and that the employer failed to properly train the forklift operator.

Results:    Case resolved in a favorable manner.

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