Injured by Pipes Falling Off of a Flatbed Trailer

Case Description/Summary:  

An employee of a construction company was injured when two pieces of PVC pipe approximately 10” x 30’ rolled off a flatbed trailer, striking and pinning the employee to the ground. There was no Job Safety Analysis performed and the injured employee’s employer had not trained any of their employees in the proper procedures related to removing large and heavy pieces of PVC pipe from flatbed trailers.

Expert Analysis/Summary:

A materials handling safety and construction analysis included a review of all relevant depositions and other discovery documents, reports, training records, photographs, etc. In addition, a review of relevant research materials, codes, and standards related to acceptable workplace safety practices and standards was performed. It was determined that the injured employee’s employer where the pipes were being delivered failed to comply with recognized national safety standards and OSHA regulations.


Results:    Verdict for defense.

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